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Buninjas: Ninja Bunny Quest

A father-daughter team creates a fun-filled adventure, all for the love of reading.

How far would you go to get your child to love reading? For dedicated father and fun-loving illustrator Dustin Reese, the answer is “let her write her own book.” From a summer evening story time riddled with frustration came the spark of inspiration that would become

Written entirely by second-grader Amelia Reese, Buninjas is the story of two adventurous young bunnies on a quest to become great ninja warriors. The elder Reese’s bright, whimsical watercolor illustrations bring this imaginative, daring story of dastardly villains, mystical creatures, and inconvenient potty breaks to life. It is a tale of following your dreams, filled with a unique charm that will speak to anyone young at heart.

Already gaining traction on social media, the team of Reese and Reese, who hail from Beaverton, Oregon, have created a Kickstarter campaign to fund printing of the book. You can purchase a copy of the book, along with stickers, original artwork, and many other fun Buninjas-themed items. One lucky donor will also get the chance to choose a character to be drawn into the final page of the book before it goes to print.

Anyone interested in contributing or learning more can go to:

The campaign ends March 2nd, and items can be shipped worldwide.

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